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Team Commitment: Training and Match Day

Football is a team sport, which relies upon a high level of commitment and team ethic from all players involved. This means a commitment to training on match day. Respect for your teammates, your coach and your team manager is reflected through your efforts to attend training, work hard, and give your best for the team.

As a club, we recognise there may be occasions when, for valid reasons, you simply cannot make it to training or a match. We ask that you demonstrate respect for the team by advising your Coach and Manager in advance. Simply not turning up, or turning up late -  whether to training or to the match - is less than we expect from a West Pymble player.

On match day, you are representing our community. You are a West Pymble player. Please show the highest respect for our opponents, match officials and volunteers. Without them, there simply is no game.

If you feel these standards are set too high, it might simply be that a team sport is best suited for you, or that West Pymble is not the best Club for you. We fully respect your decision to not be associated with the club, and would wish you well for the future.

Playing Time and Opportunities

MiniRoos (Under 6 to Under 11)

The U6 to U11 age groups are part of the MiniRoos program. These age groups are classified as non-competition. While match results and scores are recorded, they are not published by Northern Suburbs Football Association (NSFA). The focus for these age groups is predominantly on player development, ahead of match results.

There is an expectation that players in these age groups receive equal playing time from week-to-week. Players are also expected to be rotated through different positions on the field, so they develop the skills and ability to read and understand the game from different situations.

This does not mean that players must play in a different position every week. Rather, the expectation is that rotation happens progressively, so that players develop the ability and confidence to play in at least two outfield positions (e.g. defence, midfield or attack). This is best achieved through the opportunity and experience of playing in those positions, which we emphasise to all our Coaches.

Competition Age Groups (Under 12 and upwards)

Under 12 years of age and upwards are classified as competition age groups. Published results and Divisions are all part of the game at competition level. The club selects its teams for each age group and nominates suitable Divisions based on the strength of our teams and subject to NSFA approval. If a team is misplaced in a Division, which proves either too strong or too weak, the club can request they be moved to a more suitable Division. The club will consult the teams' coach before doing so. However, any change rests entirely at the discretion of NSFA and is subject to the impact it may have on the overall competition and other teams.

If you are placed in a Super League or Diamond League squad, it is important to know upfront that it is very competitive. Team selection for each match rests with the coach, as does team formation, substitutions and game strategy. Players in Super League and Diamond League squads are not assured of equal match time.

If you are placed in a Division 2 squad, it is still highly competitive. In Division 2, our coaches are expected to provide every player with a minimum of 50% match time each week. 

For teams competing in Division 3 or lower, the Club promotes a policy of equal match time applied during the course of the season.

WPFC expect our coaches to implement the club's playing time policy.

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