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Working With Children Check (WWCC)


If you are working with Children from West Pymble Football Club as a volunteer or in a paid position, then you must have a valid Working With Children Check clearance before any work with the team commences (e.g. training, pre-season games, the season kick-off). This also applies to parents where their child is in the team you wish to be associated with in a coaching or management role.
The WWCC is required for an official of any team, or working in some capacity with teams that have any players under the age of 18 years. Roles at WPFC include coach, manager, referee, trainer, physiotherapist, technical director, youth coordinator, Committee member or MPIO. Official referees are now also required to obtain a WWC and provide their referee branch with a valid WWC Number.
Please ensure you are familiar with the Football NSW WWCC Policy where it is a mandatory requirement for to have a WWCC when acting in a club-related capacity:
Note: Managers and coaches will not be allocated to their teams, or be able to collect any training gear or kit bags before they are confirmed as having a valid WWCC by the club's Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO).

Register for a WWCC via the Office of the Children’s Guardian NSW. An application number will be generated. Within 30-days, you must visit a Service NSW Service Centre to provide the required identification documents for them to verify your application. Within four weeks, you will receive an email confirming your WWCC details.

If your role with the club is paid (through salary, allowances, gift vouchers or other forms of payment) you will need a paid WWC number (this process will cost you $80). If your role is strictly voluntary you will need to apply for a voluntary WWC number (this process is free). A paid WWC is valid for both paid and volunteer work. A volunteer WWC is valid for volunteer work only. A paid position WWC number looks like this: WWC123456E. A voluntary position WWC number looks like this: WWC1234567V.

Instructions on the WWC process are below.

The Working With Children Policy for WPFC can be found here.

How to register with the club as a volunteer (paid or unpaid) and get WWCC certification.

  1. Create a new Play Football account, or login to our existing account.

  2. Register as a volunteer for our Club

  • click on this link

  • login to your account

  • click on 'Get Started'

  • select yourself as the person to register and click 'Continue'

  • select the role you are interested in performing (coach, manager, volunteer) and select a sub-role from the drop-down menu and click 'Continue'

  • Complete your details and click 'Continue'

  • Upload a photo of yourself (passport style) and click 'Continue'

  • complete the Working With Children information and click 'Continue'

  • review your details, accept the terms and conditions, and click 'Continue'

  • submit your application

  • email the club’s MPIO at confirming you have:

    • registered as a volunteer

    • your full name

    • your date of birth

    • what your volunteer position is (i.e. manager, coach)

    • the team you will be working with

What happens next?

The MPIO officer will then:

  • verify and record your WWCC check has been completed and cleared;

  • inform you and the WPFC Committee that WWCC clearance has been made;

  • advise your details t to the club's Registrar to have them allocate you to your relevant team and position;

  • if your WWCC clearance is not successful, the MPIO will advise that you were unsuccessful and you will be unable to work with children at WPFC.

If a person gets convicted or charged with a crime against a child, their WWCC number gets cancelled or surrendered by the NSW Office of the Children's Guardian. This Office then notifies our club that the person no longer has WWCC clearance. Our MPIO will then contact the person and the club's Committee to advise that person is no longer able to work with children at WPFC.


What if my WWCC number has expired?

Clearance on any WWCC number needs renewing with the NSW Office of the Children's Guardian every five years after the date it was granted. A new clearance on your existing WWCC number can be requested within three months of expiry of the current clearance.


It is your responsibility to ensure your WWCC does not lapse during the football season. If it does you will need to stop your role until you have renewed your WWCC number.


Renewing a WWCC is done online and is fast and easy

What if I have lost my WWCC Number?

You can retrieve your WWCC Number at the following link:

Role of the Member Protection Information Officer at WPFC

WPFC's MPIO is available to help provide a child-safe culture and to help keep our children safe from harm. Part of the MPIO role is to manage the Working With Children Check protocol.

This role also provides confidential assistance if you believe a child is possibly at risk of harm (physical, emotional, or sexual, or neglect). Further information about this role is here

If you have any questions regarding the WWC process, or you think a child may be at risk of harm, please contact the Club’s MPIO by email at If no response is received in a timely manner, please raise your concerns to the club's Committee ASAP.

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