Miniroos Football (U6 to U11) mixed teams & girls teams

Miniroos is the NSFA program for juniors in the U6 - U11 playing groups. The focus is on building skills, developing relationships and having fun! Mixed boys and girls and girls only programs are offered.


Mini-Roos is focused on PLAYER DEVELOPMENT. The object of Mini-Roos is to provide children with more opportunities to touch the ball during a game and give them greater opportunities to score goals.  However, above all, it is about the children having fun every time they step out on the pitch.


The U6 to U8`s teams will be playing mostly across half the district. So the district will be split into two sections and you will play teams basically of comparable standards once grading is completed. The grades will be done to 4 levels. Scores will be kept and sent to your club recorder and then to the NSFA for grading purposes.  Competition results tables are not kept. 


The U9`s, U10`s, and U11`s will play across the entire district. The Girls will follow the same format on Sundays. We are looking to establish a girl’s only trial from ages 7 if we get enough interest from clubs. (More on this shortly)


  • U6 – U7 play 4 v 4 (no goalkeepers), squads of 8 – 12 split into 2 teams playing simultaneously on 2 adjoining fields 30m by 20m, playing time 15 minutes each half. Ball sIze 3.

  • U8 – U9 play 7 v 7 (with goalkeepers) squads of 7 – 10 on single field 40m by 30m, playing time 20 minutes each half. Ball size 3.

  • U10 – U11 play 9 v 9 (with goalkeepers) squads of 9 – 13 on single field 60m by 40m, playing time 25 minutes each half.  Ball size 4.


Half time breaks will be all 5 minutes.


Grading occurs from U8.  See our grading information page and grading process.

We have included numerous attachments and articles on the WPFC website that explain and support Mini-Roos and encourage all parents to take some time out and read the literature. By doing this you will be able to support the new game in an informed manner and hopefully overcome any reservations you may have.


WPFC forms a range of Miniroos teams each year depending on players’ registration preferences. For the most part, teams are coached, managed and refereed by parents - making junior football participation a family affair!!


Parent Information:  A parents information pack can be downloaded here

Rules: The rules vary between the 3 age groups U6/7, U8/9, and U10/11.  The rules can be downloaded here.


Coaches Information: Coaches / Program Leaders information pack can be downloaded here.

Game Leader Guidelines: Game leader guidelines download.

NSFA Regulations: NSFA MiniRoos Regulations


Please see our Football NSW Miniroos FAQs and our club's Miniroos FAQs for further information.


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