Team Allocation and Grading Sessions (TAGS)

TAGS for 2022 has been scheduled for the following dates in 2022 between 8:15 AM and 12:45 PM:

  1. Sunday 13 February

  2. Sunday 20 February

  3. Back-up date (if required): Sunday 27 February 2021

The schedule for age groups will be provided in late January or early February.

All junior players (excluding Under 6 & Under 7) are required to attend TAGS. This is required so that we can assess the entire team, and then recommend the appropriate division for the team to be placed in. Even if you already know who you are playing with, please attend the Team Allocation session as it’s an important way for us to determine the best division for your team.

Please Note:

Participants are required to check in at the registration desk on grading day, the desk will be open from 30 minutes before your session commences. Please ensure that you arrive with plenty of time to register, as there will be quite a number of people attending each session.


Attending TAGS is an important aspect of the team allocation process. We strongly encourage all players to attend both these sessions, though we appreciate that this is not possible for everybody. In these circumstances, please do make an effort to attend at least one of the nominated sessions for your age group (if there is more than one session to attend).

Grading Information 

At WPFC, we focus on the correct allocation of players to teams according to ability and interest. Players benefit from the provision of improved team coaching through our Coach Education Programs and opportunities for specialised coaching through the Technical Training Program. 

The key outcomes which WPFC provides are: 

  • full grading opportunities for players in the Under 8 thru Under 13 age groups;

  • establishing two graded teams in each age group;

  • supporting “play with requests” outside the graded team selections; and

  • establishing our teams so the skill range among players in a team is within an appropriate band. 

WPFC also has a strong focus on grassroots coach education for our volunteer coaches. This results in better skill development for all junior players. Coach Education Programs, fully funded by the Club, are offered to our coaches both in pre-season and during the season.

What happens after TAGS?

  • Team allocations are due to be finalised in March, with notifications to parents being provided the Age Group Managers.

  • Following announcement of the teams, each team will need to nominate and agree Coach and Manager.  

  • The team Coaches and Managers will liaise with the Age Group Managers and Training Grounds Administrator to secure training venues and timeslots.

  • Please be sure to watch out for emails from your Age Group Manager, for further information on status and progress. If you have any specific queries or concerns, please contact them. Note: Age Group Managers will be confirmed by March, and details will be updated on our Contacts pages.