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Register early if you wish to secure a spot in a team. Places are limited so register and pay early to secure your spot in one of our teams. Also, please remember that WPFC policy requires you to have registered and paid to be eligible for grading and trial games that take place in February and March.


Grading / Team Allocation sessions for juniors will be on Sun 10 Feb 2019, Sun 17 Feb 2019 and a reserve date (in case of washout) Sun 24 February 2019.  More info on grading here.

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If you are brave and want to dive in without reading the comprehensive instructions below click here.

In summary, to play with WPFC you must register on the Football Federation of Australia (FFA) site. Please have a credit card handy as payment is required at the time of registration.  


Registration is age based and as you proceed the system will automatically select an age appropriate group. Team formation is then performed by the Club based on the number of registrations received for each age group and other factors such as our grading assessments.


Step 1: Create your Football Account - EVERYONE will need to create a new Football Account in 2019. Create the Account using your email address (or Facebook or Google login if preferred). Note : A new photo is also required as the old photos have not been migrated.

IMPORTANT: You "claim" (link) your previous account but you will not be able to claim your previous participant history if your email address does not match the email address used for registration in 2018. The Club has sent all 2018 players an email using their registered email address so this should assist. You will need to email the Registrar if you need to recover/re-link your history AFTER you have re-registered.

Step 2: Claim Profiles - After logging into your new Football Account and commencing to REGISTER you will be presented with a list of matching profiles from MyFootballClub where the email addresses perfectly match. Select "Me" on one profile and "Link" other profiles that you will manage from this account. Note: You must link any profiles shown at this stage in order to register them to the Club in the future.


Step 3: Registering - you will now be able to register any of the linked family members on your account or signup new players. The "Product Select" window will only offer selections appropriate to your age and gender. For Junior players the Active Kids Voucher can be used to reduce the fees by $100.00.



New registrations may be asked to contact the club first

.. this is not necessary.


Please continue to register.

Full instructions below.

If you wish to download PDF instructions click here

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