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Our commitment


Our club is committed to providing a safe environment for the participation of children and young people. Part of this is ensuring that children and young people are not left alone after practice or games.

What we will do

  • Make sure parents/guardians and children know the time and location of practice and games and when they can expect to collect their children.

  • Request coaches and other sporting personnel to arrive before scheduled practice or game times.

  • Give coaches a register of parent/guardian emergency contact numbers and make sure they have access to a phone.

  • Ensure that if parents/guardians are late, coaches will try to make contact with them and:

    • ask the second to last child and their parent/ guardian to wait with the coach/official and the child

    • get parents/guardians to collect their children from the club room (e.g. if there is a club room where other people will be).

    • avoid transporting children to their homes unless permission has been given by parents/guardians.

What we ask you to do

  • Pick your children up on time or make other arrangements.

  • Inform the coach about any changes in arrangements for picking up your child.


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