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Development Football


WPFC encourages and supports coach education to enable the club to develop players that are consistent with the principles of the FFA National Curriculum


Coaching for Selective Teams

For all selective teams we seek to appoint professional coaches with at least the minimum NSFA-specified coaching qualifications. Our selective teams include Skills Acquisition Phase (SAP), Junior Development Squads (mixed and girls’ teams), Diamond League, and Super League teams.

WPFC football style statement

  • An attacking, dynamic, pro-active and re-active brand of football, that is based on effective possession, individual technical proficiency and creativity.
  • Focusing on fast transitions from defence to attack (and vice-versa) and intelligent collective pressing in defence.

  • Altogether underpinned by a strong team unit, a healthy winning mentality and the primary desire to play for the “love of the game”.

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