Walking Football

If you're interested in trying out a form of football that has been growing in participation since 2017, WPFC are trialing our first ever Walking Football program as of March 2021.

How is Walking Football Played?

1. Running is not allowed. A participant always has to have one foot on the ground.

2. It is a non-contact version of the game.

3. The ball cannot be kicked above head height.

4. There is no heading of the ball.

5. There are no ‘referees’ as such and the competitive angle is kept to a minimum.

6. The focus is on fun and making friends.

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If you are keen to try out football for the first time, or wanting to rekindle your skills, spark, and love for the game, then Walking Football is made for you. Meet new people, make new friends, catch up with existing mates, apply your old or new found skills in a challenging format (remember, no running!) while having a lot of fun. 

This is targetted at players in the 40+ age group as a low-impact, non-contact, team-based exercise, on a smaller-sized pitch, short game times, and teams of 5 or 6 players. It aims to provide participants with physical and mental health benefits, social connections, and the benefits of ongoing physical activity.


It is suitable for anyone who has never played the game before or hasn't played for a while and wants to get back into playing a less intense version of the game. It's well suited anyone that may have a lack of mobility or other reasons that prevent them from playing the traditional game.


Walking Football is growing globally and May 2022 will see will see the first Walking Football World Nations Cup take place in Manchester, England.