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WPFC Technical Skills Program

The WPFC Technical Skills Program will be run and built by WPFC Youth Technical Director, Aron Chapman. Combining his experience as a player, deep football knowledge, and the current FFA junior/youth building blocks to deliver an exciting new program. With the primary focus to improve and develop the skill level of our club's junior footballers.

The program will be delivered by our coaches and will focus in on the basics of the game within a fun environment at the 'Discovery' level. They will work closely on the four core skills of the game: First touch; running with the ball, one-vs-one, and striking the ball - within the 'Skill Acquisition Phase'. Mixing the very best of the FFA approach to player development with other globally recognised technical skills approaches. Pressing, marking, intercepting, and tackling will also be addressed from a defensive view point - along with the constants of positioning and communicating.

The priorities and objectives for the development of our junior players participating in the sessions are:


  • To inspire each and every player in the program to be the best they can be;

  • To develop exponentially across all core areas of the game throughout the season;

  • To play for the love of the game;

  • To learn how to express themselves;

  • To play with freedom and creativity.

Register today and make this season your BEST yet!​

For more information please contact Aron Chapman on

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