WPFC Perpetual Award Winners 2020 Announced

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Each year WPFC recognises amazing effort and success across the club with these perpetual awards. 

They were officially presented to winners at the AGM on Monday 12th of October. 

Congratulations to the following award winners:

Coach of the Year: U12B - Pat Noble & U15 SL- Hans Belle

Manager of the Year: U16A - Shona Brighton

Junior Girls Player of the Year (G8-G12): G9 Sapphires - Emily Valentine

Junior Girls Player of the Year (G14-G18): G16B - Charlotte Gooding

Junior Player of the Year (U6 - U12 inclusive): U9 SAP - Seiji Wang

Competition Player of the Year (U13 - U18 inclusive): U13C - Chris Cha

Team of the Year (competition grades): U18A Super League

Shooting Stars Team of the Year (miniroos): G9 Sapphires