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Vale - Harley Ullrich

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

The club received sad news yesterday that former Premier League and All Age player Harley Ullrich passed away from brain cancer on 11 June.

Harley was also the coach/manager of the All Age Division 4/5 team for a number of years and played a fantastic volunteer role mentoring our younger all age players and helping them to effectively transition from junior to senior football.

There was no more passionate footballer and loyal coach and teammate than Harley and his legacy has touched many of his former teammates. ​Here is a fitting tribute from former team captain Lawrence Holmes:

One of West Pymble’s most passionate has unfortunately lost his hardest fought battle. My first friend and coach at West Pymble, Harley instilled the spirit and passion for the greatest sport on earth in me and I can say quite confidently is the only reason I continued and shared this passion with so many more. His passion for the sport was only equalled by the love and support he gave to all ‘his boys,’ creating a comradery unparalleled to anything I've ever been a part of. While he fought as hard as he always did it just goes to show you, not all battles can be won, everything is not always on your side and even the best sometimes just can't get the outcome they so badly deserve. Truly in a division of his own Harley taught me, even in his final days, what it means to truly fight for what you believe in, never give up and showed me, and all those that knew him, what true strength really looks like. I know I speak for all those that had the pleasure to be on his good side when I say this passionate, loving and strong willed character will be missed tremendously.