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Coaches & Managers Evening - Rescheduled date 20 September 2017

The WPFC Coaches & Managers evening and Annual General Meeting is now set for 20 September from 7pm.

We have a few compliance issues we need to finalise before the AGM and the additional week will hopefully give coaches & managers a little more time to collect shirts and collate their gear bags for return. For Team Managers, please ensure that you complete and sign off the kit bag return sheet attached and that it is placed inside the top of your kit bag when you return it - here is the link to this sheet: http://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/95b479_d13a1c69c8f340e3bbae375fb9f69a5f.pdf We will be putting on drinks on the deck at the Norman Griffiths Oval clubhouse from 7.00pm to celebrate the end of the season. and the Coaches & Managers evening will formally start at 7.30pm. The Coaches & Managers part of the evening will end at approximately 8.30pm and will be followed by our Annual General Meeting. We encourage you all to consider staying for this as an observer or to nominate for a committee position for the current year. All of our committee members are volunteers and nominating for a specific role or for a general committee position will provide you with the opportunity to help run the club and influence decisions that can benefit of our members. The agenda for the Coaches & Managers evening will involve reviewing everything about the set-up of this season from grading/team allocations, provision of gear, appointment of coaches & managers, player development and coach education initaitives, club events and all other matters impacting your roles. Cam Jones our Technical Director will also be in attendance to provide his summary of the season and vision for player development initiatives including proposed development squads and skills sessions for the coming year. We will also be sending out a survey to members in the next couple of days to reqeust feedback on how the club is functioning. This includes feedback on Team Coaches. We will provide constructive feedback to coaches where required on an exception basis to ensure that we are improving and implementing best practice in a few areas to give us the best opportunity possible of improving the participation, skill development and improvement for our registered players. We will provide an update on member feedback from the survey at the Coaches & Managers evening. Thanks so much for your time, commitment and efforts over the past year - all very much appreciated by the WPFC Committee and our members. We believe that we have a fantastic group of parents helping to run our teams as Coaches & Managers and look forward to dsicussing how we can make further improvements at next week's meeting.

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