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REGISTRATIONS for 2018 are closed.


Register early if you wish to secure a spot in a team. Places are limited so register and pay early to secure your spot in one of our teams. Also, please remember that WPFC policy requires you to have registered and paid to be eligible for grading and trial games that take place in February and March.


Grading for juniors will be on Sun 11 Feb 2018, Sun 18 Feb 2018 and a reserve date (in case of washout) Sun 25 February 2018.

Click here to check Registration Status for Closed and Wait Listed age groups


We recommend you review the following:


Find your correct age group here.


If you are brave and want to dive in without reading the comprehensive instructions below click here.


All players register via the FFA MyFootballClub website / process. We will do as much as possible to get you registered as smoothly as we can! The key points to note are:

(i) Registration is completely online, we do not process paper registrations.

(ii) the registration website is operated by Football Federation Australia (FFA), not WPFC

(iii) Please do not attempt to register using your mobile device, the process is generally not mobile-friendly and your registration is likely to fail. Support will not be offered for registrations attempted from a mobile device. Please use a regular laptop or desktop computer. Thank you for your help observing this requirement.

(iv) payment CANNOT be made at the time of FFA registration.  Separate payment is required via the club website after you receive your branded WPFC email with your personal payment link.  There could be a delay of up to 24 hours before you receive this email


To start the registration process, you will need to have your FFA Registration Number and your FFA password. You can lookup your FFA Registration number on the FFA site. If you need to reset your password, please use the "Need a password" function which emails a new password to your registration email address. If you have forgotten your registration email address, you will be asked to verify your identification.


Take a moment to read the detailed overview and instructions below before you begin the registration process.


NOTE: If you are a first time player with our club, at some point early in the season you must supply proof of age. This is a FFA requirement.


2 common support issues:

(1) there is often a delay of up to 24 hours between registration on the FFA site and us receiving your information and issuing the payment advice. Please wait for our email before contacting us.

(2) if on the FFA site it says that your prior year registration is "PENDING-AWAITING PAYMENT", you can ignore that (this is because we do not use the FFA system for payment). Please continue with your registration. Any issues, please email including your full name, FFA ID and age group and we will try and troubleshoot.


Step 1 - FFA registration


FFA Login


Click on this link to open the MyFootballClub website -


1. Returning players who know their FFA number please select the first option.

2. If you are a new player to football then select the 3rd option and follow the screens and prompts to create an FFA account and obtain an FFA number.
3. If you are a returning player and don't know your FFA Number, select the 2nd option. Obtain your FFA number then go back to the first option.

4. Once you have both your FFA Number and password select "Click here to proceed to the login pages".
5. Login using your FFA number and password. If you don't know your password, follow the "Need a password" link. A new password will be emailed to your nominated account.

6. Once logged on, click the "Register" button.


We now progress into the FFA registration process.


7. The page is titled "Contact Details". Check your details and contact details. Ensure that the mandatory fields are completed.  Click the "Next" button. Note - If the page does not change, check that all mandatory fields are completed.

8. The page is titled "Select Registration".

  • Step 1 - If not already present, enter the club name "West Pymble Football Club". (If no packages are available for selection then check the spelling of the club name. If all looks correct, blank out the club name and click the question mark.)

  • Step 2 - Select "Player"

  • Step 3 - Select the correct age group package for you. (You may be eligible for a number of age groups so please select carefully. Please only choose xSN if you are playing in the "Special Needs Program".)

  • Step 4 - click "Add Packages"

Click the "Next" button at the bottom of the screen.

NOTE: If you make a mistake, use the "PREVIOUS" button bottom of page to go backwards, then press NEXT to return to this page, which should reset the various dropdowns in steps 2 through 4 above.

9. The page is titled "Terms & Conditions". Read the terms & conditions and complete the check-boxes (there is an "Acknowledge All" option at the base of the page). Click the "Next" button at the bottom of the screen.

10. The page is titled "Payment". Click on "Manual Payment at Club" button. Note: the "Pay Online" button is disabled, it does not work

11. The page is titled "Additional Questions". If relevant, answer the Additional Questions - which include PLAY WITH REQUESTS and MEDICAL INFORMATION - and click "Next".

12. The page is titled "Finish". The FFA system will then advise that your registration has been submitted. Separately, you will receive an email titled "Registration Invoice" from "" confirming your registration. Please note: this invoice does NOT contain payment instructions, it is merely a record of your registration with FFA. We process payment separately to FFA (see points 13 and 14 below).

Click the "Return to Homepage" button. Remember to click the "Log-Out" hyperlink at the top right of page. For added security, close the browser window.

13. The FFA system will transfer your registration details to our club's player management software overnight. When this transfer has occurred, which can take up to 24 hours, you will receive an email from "" with title "Thank you for registering another season with West Pymble" requesting payment.


Step 2 - Fee payment


When you receive your email from "" it will include a PAY NOW button / link at the base of the email (please enable images to view the PAY NOW button). Please pay promptly.


Your registration cannot be accepted into our system nor can you be placed in a team until payment is received.


We accept payment via Mastercard or VISA using our secure payments facility. Click the link in this email (remember this email can take up to 24 hours to arrive after registration). It will take you to our payment system, branded West Pymble Football Club but provided by "MyClubMate Player Management System. The page looks like:

Please pay using your Mastercard or VISA. If you do not receive this email after 24 hours, then see how to pay via this link.




Where do I go if I need help with my registration ?

  • Visit the FAQ page on the MyFootballClub website

  • View the Player Registration guides and videos which are on the Resource page of the MyFootballClub website

  • Call the FFA Support Centre on 02 8020 4199 between 12pm and 9pm Mon - Fri, and 10am-2pm on Sat. Call particularly if you are having problems with your login password

  • Contact the club by emailing providing as much detail as possible. If you provide zero detail you will receive a zero response. It is assumed you will include the relevant FFAID, player name, age group and contact email so we can troubleshoot.

Finally if you need to de-register, then fill out this form.

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